Some people are willing to do anything for bacon. I have a feeling I’m one of them. A church in England has recently thought of a pretty interesting way to use the lure of bacon by offering a reward: if you come to the church, you can get a bacon buttie.

For those of you who don’t know English slang, a bacon buttie is not some rude term – it is a bacon sandwich. Bacon butties can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually very basic: two slices of buttered bread with a serving of bacon in between. If you are feeling saucy, you might top it with HP sauce or ketchup.

The church that is being so generous is Trinity Methodist church, in East Grinstead. East Grinstead is a small town in West Sussex. The church was finding it difficult to draw some of its wayward parishioners back, so it began a Back to Church Sunday program. Every month, as a part of this program, the church serves bacon sandwiches (pardon, butties) to the folks who make their way down.

The program seems to be working. Local parishioner, Jamie Griffiths, is pretty explicit in his support for the program. “If I can pop along and have a bacon buttie,” Griffiths says, “And listen to a few hymns on a Sunday then I might well give it a shot. I’ve not been for 15 years.

Simon Maynard, lay assistant at the church, thought up the idea to make the church seem more inviting and friendly to the folks who may have drifted away. It doesn’t hurt that, as he says, “the bacon butties are the best in town.

There’s no word yet on the effectiveness of this campaign, but if they are serving the best bacon butties in town, I can imagine they are going to be swamped – at least for the breakfast part of the service. As I said, I’d probably be convinced to do a few things I don’t want to do if I knew that I was getting a delicious bacon reward out of it.

What about you? Have you done anything you didn’t want to do for a bacon reward? Is there anything you wouldn’t do for bacon?