Bacon can get people excited. Sometimes, it can get them a little too excited – excited enough that they will break the law to get it.

Case in point: earlier this month, a thief broke into a home in Surrey, England and stole a pack of bacon from the home’s fridge. The owners of the house were sleeping upstairs. He also appears to have stolen a mobile phone that was in the hallway. But if you thought his main focus was the phone, consider this: he left a piece of bacon hanging on the home’s doorknob. We can only guess that this was a taunt for the people he robbed.

The BBC reported that even the police were confused as to why he would have wanted to steal the bacon. One of the officers, Det Con Knowles said that “This is a very peculiar burglary as the suspect placed a rasher of bacon over a door handle before leaving the property. The victims are at a loss to understand why someone would break in to their house and steal a packet of bacon and we are equally stumped as to who this potentially peckish suspect is.” (“Peckish” is British slang for “hungry”)

The robber didn’t damage the home in any other way, and the mobile phone was eventually recovered. No word yet on what the status of the stolen bacon is, but we can only guess that it was probably eaten and enjoyed. The robber’s appearance has been captured by a CCTV camera, and police are asking locals for help in solving the case. (The robber has not yet been caught.)

As for motives, the time of the theft – between 2:50am and 3:40am on a Saturday morning – leads us to suspect the thief might have had a few too many. And as we’ve discussed at the Republic of Bacon, bacon may help with hangovers. The hungry fellow might have simply wanted to make sure he’d have some bacon for breakfast.

We’d never recommend breaking the law to deal with a bacon craving. But being bacon-lovers ourselves, we can see why some people, like this misguided gentleman here, might go a little too far in the pursuit of bacon.