Do you have difficulty getting up in the morning? If you are like most of us, you probably do. As the days get shorter and the mornings get darker, it just gets harder. And just the fact of waking up to an alarm can start your day off on the wrong foot. Most alarms sound annoying and irritating. Surely there is a better way.

Well, if you come to the Republic of Bacon often, you probably enjoy one way of waking up: and that’s waking up to the smell of bacon. Inventors Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini and Hsiao-huh Hsu have taken these two facts together to make an incredibly novel device: the bacon alarm clock. Or as they call it: the Wake ‘n Bacon.

There alarm clock works the following way. At night, before you go to bed, you insert a frozen piece of bacon into the clock. You’ll want to put a frozen piece in because you don’t want room temperature bacon sitting out all night. (It should probably be noted that you don’t want to use the bacon alarm clock if you have any cats or dogs.) You set the alarm clock, and fall gently asleep.

Ten minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off, the bacon alarm clock will warm up two halogen lamps inside the clock. This will slow-cook your bacon for ten minutes. When the ten minutes is up, the smell of bacon has hopefully woken you. If it doesn’t, your alarm will go off. At least you’ll have some great bacon to make you feel better on your groggy morning.

The downsides to the clock are that it is fairly big, and that the bacon will probably not be cooked exactly the way you would like it. The alarm clock is, after all, the size of a small oven, so it may not fit on everyone’s bedside table. It also doesn’t seem very multifunctional – I don’t think you can play music or the radio on it. And if you are like me, you like to cook your bacon to just the right consistency. The bacon alarm clock is essentially an Easy Bake Oven. It will cook your bacon, but it doesn’t really let you cook it the way you might like.

Nevertheless, waking up to bacon sounds like a delicious idea. Do you think you would ever want to try this clock out? Or are you happy with waking up to bacon the old-fashioned way?

All images from WAKE n’ BACON