Our favorite bacon lolcats

If you haven’t been as obsessed with the Internet as I have been, you might not know about the phenomenon of Lolcats. Lolcats are, as Wikipedia describes it, “an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour.” In other words, funny pics of cats with weird captions. And because awesome likes awesome, there are plenty of lolcat images that involve bacon. If you know and love lolcats – or even if you don’t know what I’m talking about – read on and enjoy some of the best bacon-scented lolcats the Internets has to offer.

OMG Bacon!!

Sometimes you can go a few days without bacon. You know, sometimes life just gets a little busy and you can’t fit it into your schedule? And on those days you might feel a little sad, but you won’t be able to figure out why? And then you realize that it’s because you haven’t had bacon and then you find some bacon and you make it and then you make a face that’s pretty much exactly like this kitty? Yeah. Me too. Happens all of the time.

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Animal Pictionary

Image Provided by I Can Has Cheezburger

Do you know what a Rorschach test is? You know when they show you a picture of a bunch of blotches and they ask you what it looks like, and your response tells people what your innermost thoughts are? I’m like the dog in this photo, and that drawing is my Rorschach test. Any sort of random collection of brown lines will make me think of bacon. So, yeah, I would be terrible at non-bacon Pictionary. But why oh why would I ever play anything but Pictionary bacon?

Fly-fishing Bacon

Life sometimes sends you little presents. Particularly on days when you are feeling down, you might notice a kind thing someone has done for you. Or you might get a letter from the government informing you about some positive piece of news. Or you might, when hanging a wire over a fence, magically catch a strip of bacon. It’s these magic moments that make life worth living.

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Image Provided by Scalzi

It’s important to remember the important things. Like, that everything you have ever done in life will never be as popular or famous than some random picture of a cat with bacon on it. But it’s also important to question these important things. Like, why does a cat have bacon stuck to it? Who sat down and thought that this was an important idea? Are they upset that their cat-bacon is more famous than they are? Or, more simply, why isn’t anyone eating this bacon instead of taping it to a cat?

Legally Mine

funny puns-enyfing on da floor is leagly mine, so goway
As far as I know, cats are not supposed to have bacon. Although we might think that our pets can just eat what we do, it is generally best if they are only fed the food that is specifically made for them. This is probably a great rule of thumb to follow, mainly because otherwise you’d just be seeing this photo all of the time. And how can you say no to this adorable face? Well, I certainly can ‘cause if that were my bacon, I’d be eating it.