We’ve discussed creating some bacon doughnuts. But if you are going to have some bacon doughnuts for breakfast, what could be a more perfect accompaniment for that than some bacon coffee? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? All that caffeine mixing with some bacony goodness. Mmmmm. But it’s not an easy thing to find, that bacon coffee. So, just for you, I’ve scoured the Internet. Today I present to you the best ways to get your bacon coffee fix.

Pre-made Coffee Is for the Thirsty and Lazy Bacon Coffee Lover

There’s many ways to go about getting some sizzling meat in your ol’ cup of joe. First of all, you can just buy some pre-treated coffee beans. Boca Java makes some, but there’s actually quite a few coffee brands that are now selling bacon-flavoured beans. As the Boca Java site says, this coffee has “the comforting flavors of maple syrup and bacon.

Mix Yourself Some Bacon Lattes

If you are looking for something a little more adaptable, you could try the Torani Bacon Syrup. Rather than spending money on an entire bag of bacon coffee you may not want to drink right away, the Torani syrup lets you add it on a drink by drink basis. The one downside is that syrup will work best with lattes and other dairy-based drinks – you might not want to have an espresso shot with some syrup in it.

The upside is that you can mix the bacon flavour not just with maple, but with many other flavours as well. And you can also put it into not just coffee. The Torani syrup is great for cocktails, or for any other bacon-flavouring need you can think of (like maybe icing.) In case you do want to replicate the maple bacon flavour from the previous product, Torani also sells maple flavouring as well.

Making Bacon Coffee the Way Our Forefathers Did

If none of these feel right to you, you can always try the old-fashioned way: mixing bacon and coffee. We don’t have to worry about trying out the best methods ourselves, because the great people at Putting Weird Things in Coffee have done it for us. They tried three methods: adding a full piece of bacon, bacon bits, and some chopped up cooked bacon to coffee.

The bacon bits, as could be guessed, were not very successful. Being a poor substitute for actual bacon, they didn’t contribute much flavour to the coffee, and just left it kinda salty. The bacon strips were also not very successful, particularly after the entire drink was blended. There was the problem of chunks in the coffee, which is not really the thing you want in coffee. This was a problem even after blending.

What did work, and was the simplest thing our friend tried, was simply letting a piece of cooked bacon sit in his coffee for awhile. The bacon, he says, “added a subtle smokey flavour that did not clash at all with the dark roasted coffee.” Sounds great! The bacon fat also made the coffee taste creamier. Double YUM! I predict a science experiment with some bacon and coffee is on order for tomorrow morning.

What do you think of the bacon and coffee flavour? Would this be the perfect morning pick-me-up for you?

Image Provided by Omar_MK