It’s Friday, so it means another edition of Friday Bacon Love! Today, we are going to profile a bacon blog on Tumblr that is filled with recipes, ridiculous photographs, and – best of all – many delicious photos of sizzling bacon. It’s called It’s All About the Bacon. Come, let me introduce you. I’m sure you’ll become great friends.

The Awesomeness of The Bacon Photo

It’s All About the Bacon is a tumblr about bacon. For those who don’t know about it, tumblr is a site that allows you to create blogs, and to check up on the blogs of your friends and of the blogs you like. It’s kinda like a cross between WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. That’s just a fancy way of saying: THERE’S THIS COOL NEW BLOG THAT HAS BACON AND YOU CAN BE IT’S FRIEND.

So, what’s so cool about it’s all about the bacon? Well, of all the blogs I’ve featured, it’s the one that pretty much sticks to the winning formula of posting lots and lots of close-up pictures of pieces of bacon, or of things made out of bacon. Some of my favourites include:

Bacon Egg Toast Cups

Yes, that is correct. Please do not adjust your computer. You are looking at little eggs sitting on little pieces of toast surrounded by little pieces of bacon. These things look so adorbz, I’d be afraid to eat them. That is, until I remembered that I am a grown man who loves bacon, and not a crazy person. The recipe can be found here. Or you can just put round pieces of toast at the bottom of muffin trays, wrap them with bacon, and then crack an egg in there. Then bake the whole she-bang.

Bacon Awareness

We’re a big fan of terrible/awesome bacon tattoos here at the Republic of Bacon, so it’s pretty obvious that that this would appeal to me. Details to consider: I do like that all of the letters are written in bacon, but why is there an accent over the “o”? Also, please note the realistic grease globules. Just a reminder, my friend, you will have this tattoo on your body for the rest of your life. So you’re okay with the realistic bacon fat globules? Okay. Just checking.

The Smell of Bacon

Tracy Jordon, the star of 30 Rock, tells it like it is. Other acceptable ways to sleep? Covered in bacon and wearing bacon hats. Also, just laying in a giant vat of bacon. These remain the only acceptable ways to fall asleep.

Triple Grilled-Cheese Bacon Burger

I like when I look at food items made from bacon and I can see the bacon, and I can see other good things – like cheese and bread – but I can’t really tell how they all fit together. This sandwich looks like some four-dimensional drawing of a bacon sandwich. Where does the bacon end? Where does it begin? Actually, I know where it ends: in my stomach. I’ves gots to makes this. The great thing about this is if I get stumped about how to make the sandwich, I just add more bacon and cheese!

What do you think of It’s All About the Bacon? Do you have any favourite bacon blogs we should profile?