A few days ago, I talked about bacon peanut brittle as one of the craziest bacon candies that are out there. While I was suggesting that etsy is one of the best places to get bacon peanut brittle, it is not the only place. There are actually many different makers and creators of bacon peanut brittle. Today, I thought I’d feature the bacon peanut brittle of Sir Francis Bacon. Full details after the jump.

Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon: Renaissance Man and Bacon Inspiration

Sir Francis Bacon was an early scientist and writer. Some people think he might have written Shakespeare’s plays. And he died when he tried to invent an early refrigeration technique (stuffing snow inside a chicken). He doesn’t have much to do with the edible kind of bacon, unfortunately. But his name does give us an easy pun, so I can see why these peanut brittle folks chose it.

Yeah, But What Does It Taste Like?

Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle is gourmet brand of peanut brittle. It’s made with smoked bacon and homegrown peanuts. They try to keep it as artisanal as possible: it’s made in copper kettles in small batches. And it’s sold in cardboard boxes with a picture of Sir Francis Drake wearing a pig snout on them. While we haven’t had a chance to try them (HINT HINT), the folks at Nibble have. They tell us that “The sweetness is kept at a sensible level, so there’s no “cloy factor.” The chocolate bacon brittle is a kind of yummy bacon buttercrunch.” (I love it! “Yummy Bacon Buttercrunch” – I think I’m going to name my firstborn that.) For those who like variety, the brittle comes in peanut and chocolate flavours, and you can order your own batch here.

When In Doubt, Do Whatever the Blonde Model Tells You To Do

If that’s enough to convince you, let this Rotocade model do the convincing for you. For those who don’t know, Rotocade is a group of attractive females who tell men about the most awesome products on the planet. In this video, they cover Sir Francis Bacon’s peanut brittle (as well as some other products).

As you can see, bacon peanut brittle is a great mix between “sweet and meaty.” I don’t know about you, but that’s how I make all of my eating decisions.

The Home-Made Bacon Brittle Fix

Of course, if you don’t want to go spend so much money on gourmet brittle, you can either buy the stuff off of etsy, or you can make your own. Brittle is fortunately one of the easiest dishes to make. Particularly for someone like me, who is a huge kitchen clutz. There’s a nice recipe on nibble.com. It’s pretty easy to make – you simply melt some sugar and corn syrup in a pan. Then, after it has reached about 290 degrees Farenheit, you take it off the stove and stir in all of your bacon, baking soda, butter and vanilla. Then you pour it out onto a sheet and let it cool down. Bacon never tasted so good.

Do you make bacon brittle? Would you like to try some of Sir Francis Drake’s stuff?