The smell of bacon has to be one of the best parts of eating bacon. Just a whiff of that succulent, meaty odour will get my tastebuds salivating and my mind imagining the delights that are awaiting it. I’ve already written about some products that have attempted to capture this tempting and unique scent, like bacon candles. But J&D’s Foods – the makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise – have taken this concept one step further. They have invented BaconAir: a bacon flavoured oxygen inhaler. Yes, a bacon-flavoured oxygen inhaler. All of the bizarre details follow after the jump.

Bacon-Flavoured Air: The Final Frontier

When you think of things that bacon could be added to, I generally find it difficult to think of something that it hasn’t already been added to. Someone on the Internet has already got there first. Chocolate? Check. Ice cream? Check. Alcohol? Check. It’s hard to imagine what new bacon boundaries there are to break. Clearly, J&D’s Foods felt the same way. And through their hard work (“2 years of gruelling research”), have discovered one last boundary and boldly pushed through it.

BaconAir: For Those Times When Oxygen Ain’t Enough

On March 29th, J&D’s Foods introduced BaconAir. BaconAIr is a canister of bacon-flavoured oxygen. Why, you may so reasonably ask? Because Bacon-Flavoured Air unites the “health benefits” of 95% “Pure Himalayan Oxygen” (Uhhhhh…okay) with the deliciousness of bacon. The “health benefits” are apparently due to the benefits of inhaling pure oxygen, which can provide you with mental alertness and improve sports performance. The bacon-flavouring is just to make it more fun. I guess?

They are quick to point out, however, that you should probably not use this product to treat any sort of medical issue, and that people with breathing issues probably shouldn’t use it. You know, cause, you are BREATHING BACON FLAVOURING INTO YOUR LUNGS. Yeah, not even bacon! And I guess this is where I’m going to say: hrmmm. Cause breathing actual cooking bacon fumes I might get behind, but all you are doing here is just breathing some bacon-flavoured chemicals. In my book, actual bacon always trumps bacon-flavoured anything. But that’s just the way I roll.

A Lifetime Supply of Air!

If BaconAir is the way you roll, I suggest you get on that thing, like yesterday. If you email the fine folks at J&D’s Foods and tell them why you should be the first person to bet BaconAir, you could get a “lifetime supply” of bacon-y oxygen. How much bacon-flavoured oxygen that would actually turn out to be is a big question mark, tho. Is BaconAir an everyday thing or just a special occasion air enhancer? WE’LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. And if you prefer to just lay down some cash for your air, you can go to their website and order some there.

What do you think of BaconAir? Are you going to start using it for your respiratory problems? Do you think this will start a trend? Or do you think this is yet another bacon-flavoured roadbump on the Internet?