A few days ago, we posted a list of some of our favourite bacon sandwiches. The positive response we got suggests that bacon sandwiches are one of our readers’ favourite things. But as if we have any doubt that bacon sandwiches are amazing, we have received further confirmation. After an exhaustive survey, it has been revealed that bacon sandwiches are the food Britons’ find most pleasureable. All of the delicious details follow after the jump.

Bacon Gives British People the Warm Tinglies

The survey was done by the organizers of Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week – a week of Baconmania that just wrapped up in England. It’s sorta like the Bacon Festival they just had in Iowa, but with more British accents. Anyhoo, the organizers wanted to test out if their idea that bacon provided a uniquely exquisite moment of bliss was true.

Two thousand respondents were asked which foods make them feel blissed out whenever they take their first bite. It was probably never in doubt, but bacon made the top of the list. One in five respondents said that they think that a perfectly prepared bacon sandwich would give them the most instant pleasure. It ranked higher than salt and vinegar on French fries, strawberries and cream, and chocolate ice cream. As a huge fan of bacon sandwiches, I completely agree. Bacon sandwiches don’t hit you over the head with bacon flavour – you have to fight a little through some bread to get to that delicious flavour. But that’s what makes the excitement that much more intense when you finally do taste the bacon.

One of the organizers of the event, Tina Mulholland, pretty much agrees with me. She said she thinks it’s obvious why respondents chose bacon sandwiches: “I think we all recognise that moment of self-indulgent rapture when we first bite into a food we just love.” Tina goes on to suggest that this is backed up by evidence: “Our research shows that when speed is essential a bacon sandwich not only fits the bill but, bacon’s strong, savoury sensation in the mouth is extremely comforting.” In other words, bacon is fast and comforting meat. I think that should be its new slogan.

Bacon Faces Are Happy Faces

But they haven’t stopped there. The organizers were so excited about this moment of bliss they held a “Bacon Face” competition. They were looking for photos of people at the blissful moment when they first bite into bacon (usually a bacon sandwich). The best bacon face got a prize. You can see the winning entry from Roz Taberrer at their Facebook page here.

We Want Your Bacon Faces!

All of this got me thinking, of course. If everyone likes bacon sandwiches in Canada as well as the UK, what are our bacon faces like here? Does anyone have a great bacon face photo of themselves? Let’s share it with the world! Please send us your bacon faces, or provide a link to them in the comments box.