It’s Friday, so it’s our time for our weekly round-up of everything that is great and wonderful about bacon on the web. Here follows our list of what rocked our bacon world this week.

1. Mini Bacon Burgers

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OMG. I did not know that these were a thing. Tiny, adorable burgers, topped with cheese and bacon? ME WANT EAT GOBBLE GOBBLE. Of course, these babies’d be snarfed up in like three secs – I could just slide the whole plate into my mouth. So if anyone decides to make them, they should aim for about five hundred. Anything less would be criminal.

2. Bringing Home the Bacon Brings Home the Bacon

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Since I do spend most of my time thinking about how I’m going to turn my paycheques into bacon, this does sorta make you think. Maybe it’s time to drop the middle man. Yeah, that’s right: maybe we should cut out money and just replace it all with bacon. It’s going to end up as bacon anyhow.

3. Monkeys Eating Bacon

I think bacon is a sign of intelligence, so I guess this website is arguing for the brainiac status of our chimp cuzzes. Otherwise, I have no real idea why it exists. Is monkeys eating bacon the new hot website? We’ll keep you posted about its potential popularity. DEVELOPING…

4. Pizza Bacon Cakes

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These look like pizza pies, but they are actually cakes made to look like pizzas. I don’t know what the “dough” is (it looks like a pound cake type deal?), but the “sauce” is apparently Cointreau and strawberry jam. And that’s white chocolate shavings. But – wait for it – the coup de grace? That would be actual candied bacon sprinkled on top. These suckers are for a competition. No need to tally the votes – this entry has WIN written all over it.

5. Tactical Bacon

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Yah, yah, we’ve seen this before. But whenever I see it, I have to ask: how can this possibly be any good? What self-respecting bacon lover would even consider something like this? I’m guessing the idea is that you keep it for those times when you can’t make fresh bacon. But those times you can’t make fresh bacon ARE PROBABLY THE TIMES WHEN LIFE ISN’T WORTH LIVING. And like, come on. What do you need to cook bacon? Like a flame and some bacon? Stop making excuses and make me some delicious, fresh bacon.

6. Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream with Bacon Sprinkles

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The only real response to this is OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. And then stopping for breath before OMMMing some more. Also, apparently the person who made this is eating it for Lent? Why did no one tell me that Lent was so awesome?

7. My Bacon Party

In just two short weeks, we Canadians are going to be voting for our new members of Parliament. And as great as that is, for years we’ve been denied a bacon candidate to call our own. Until now. On Twitter, a new party has proclaimed itself: My Bacon Party of Canada. It’s not much more than a Twitter account with an image of a Canadian flag made out of bacon. But that’s all I need to hear. I know who I’m going to vote for on May 2nd!