Bacon news comes fast and furious sometimes, and we thought we’d give you a bit of a round-up of two of the best the Internet has to offer. The two stories are from completely opposite parts of the world. In one story, we have a man in America who is living the life of a part-time monk. In the other, we have some royalty – a Prince, in fact. But they are both joined together by their love of bacon. The full details after the jump.

A Diet of Only Beer … And Bacon Smoothies

First, the “part-time” monk. Our story begins when J. Wilson, an editor from Des Moines, Iowa, decided to fast for Lent. Lent, for those who don’t know, is an Easter tradition for Catholics where you give up something like candy or meat or alcohol for its duration (it’s about forty days). But for this Lent, Wilson decided not to give up anything like alcohol. He gave up everything but alcohol. Wilson drank nothing but beer for about a month and a half. Although this may sound unusual, it’s actual a tradition from Central Europe. Monks in times past would drink only beer from Lent – beer being a fairly common beverage. The alcohol content would also be fairly low.

Okay, okay. This is pretty awesome. Wilson even claims he lost weight on his fast. But what does this have to do with bacon? Well, Wilson heard that the best way to break an all-liquid fast is to drink smoothies. And if you are going to finally drink something you want, you might as well make it something good: “I made a bacon smoothie and that’s what I broke the fast with,” Wilson said. Beer and bacon? Suddenly, I’m rethinking my whole attitude to fasting.

Prince Harry Says ‘I Do’ … To Bacon

I didn’t get up to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. How can you possibly think you are going to “miss” this event? I’ve barely intentionally paid attention to it and I’ve already seen Princess Beatrice’s crazy hat about four times. So, since we are supposed to know everything and anything about this wedding, one of the juicy facts that got leaked out was the menu at Prince Harry’s late-night “post-wedding” breakfast. On it, of course, was the ever delicious bacon butty.

The British are famous for their morning “fry-ups”: after a heavy night of drinking, they love to put some bacon on the broiler, fry up some eggs and make some toast, and then turn the whole thing into a bacon sandwich. It’s comforting to know that even the Royals don’t turn up their noses at the treat. And with bacon being served, you know that Prince Harry wanted to make sure that all of his guests were well and truly looked after. No word yet on how the bacon went over with everyone, but I can only guess it was almost as good as marrying royalty.