Every day I think that there aren’t many new ways that bacon can get involved in something crazy. What can it possibly do next that I haven’t heard of? After all, there have been bacon tattoos, bacon sushi and bacon cologne – just to name a few. But bacon is a gift that always keeps on giving. And today, I get to tell you something especially ridiculous. I get to tell you about a man in Latvia, his bacon keyboard, and a set of amazing birds who tweet on Twitter. Full details of the bacon-related wackiness follows:

The Suet-Eating Tomtits of Sarnate, Latvia

So there’s this guy. First of all, the dude’s name is Voldemars Dudum. Yes, he sounds like a character from Harry Potter. But he’s actually an advertising excecutive from Sarnate Village in Latvia. (I assume this is a real place and a real man, and this is just how they roll in Latvia.) Dudum came up with his project because he enjoyed taking care of some Tomtits in his backyard. (Once again, this ain’t a joke – this is a type of bird in Latvia, apparently.) One day, Dudum got the brilliant idea to get these birds tweeting on Twitter. How? By screwing bacon fat (or suet, as it is known) onto a keyboard.

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The Best Fuel for Tweeting Is Bacon Fat

Bacon fat, it turns out, is one of the bird’s favourite foods. While pecking away at the suet, the birds (unknowingly?) tweet to their over 4,000 followers. Their tweets are as ridiculous as you’d expect. They usually feature a large string of wowowowowoww or seseseasseaeaeaea. Occasionally, they branch into some strings of random numbers and dashes. But as Dudum says, “Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look at what people sometimes say on Twitter, then the tomtits’ messages are still OK.” OH, SNAP! (I kind of agree with him.)

Where You Can Get Your Bacon-Bird Tweet-On

You can follow the bacon-lovin’ tweeters here. You can also see video of the Tomtits pecking away on their bacon keyboard on Dudum’s website, Birds on Twitter. Unfortunately for us, there aren’t many current tweets to read. As it is heading to summer, the birds have stopped eating suet and are now eating bugs. (Bacon to bugs? I know! A terrible decision to make.) And this means that we can’t watch them live anymore. Boooooo!

But there are recorded videos. And if you want to wait that long, they will be back in November. In the meantime, you can watch Dudum, his birds and the keyboard in action on this video. Be warned: the bacon fat keyboard does look pretty delicious – in a bacon fat screwed to a piece of computer hardware sort of way.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think of the little tweeters? Are you going to be adding the Hungry Tomtits of Latvia to your Twitter stream anytime soom?