Father’s Day is coming up. I know! I hate to remind you. I hate to remind me! I’m always terrible at remembering these important dates. So let’s all write it down together: Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21st. And let’s not beat around the bush. Father’s Day can be a bit of a pain in the butt. Moms, for instance, like pretty much anything you can give them: they’ll like chocolates or flowers or even just a nice brunch out. Moms just want you to spend some time with them. But Dads don’t like presents unless they are the right ones. So, they can be difficult to buy for. Fortunately, we have a secret weapon: bacon! Every Dad loves bacon. So follow us as we run down our favourite bacon presents for Dad’s day.

Bacon Ties

Image Provided by Zazzle

There’s nothing more Father’s Day than ties, so it seems obvious that a good way to put a new spin on this tradition is with a bacon tie. Of course, my Dad always hated getting ties, and he’ll probably hate this one, but how can he possibly argue against bacon?


Bacon Golf Shirt

Image Provided by Flippin Sweet Gear

My Dad hates shopping for clothes – and I’m guessing your Dad probably feels the same way. And most Dads love bacon and golf. So a bacon golf shirt should be a no-brainer. I can’t find any bacon golf pants around, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year.


Bacon Apron

Image Provided by Zazzle


Your Father, like most intelligent human beings, will probably be bbqing this summer. And like most intelligent human beings, he will require an apron to protect him from splatter and smoke while he is bbqing. A bacon apron, therefore, would be a good idea. In fact, giving your father a bacon apron is probably a good way to ensure you get a lot of bacon in your future. “Hey Dad, when are you going to invite us to all the bacon bbqs you’ll throw with your new bacon apron?”


Cognac Bacon Brownies

Image Provided by Etsy

Dads have just as much of a sweet tooth as Moms do, but they just usually don’t like to admit it. The best way you can get around this is by stuffing the chocolate you are buying him with as much bacon and booze as possible. Or you can just buy these cognac bacon brownies. I really don’t see how you could go wrong with this.


Bacon Resin Cufflinks

Image Provided by Etsy

For the classy Dad, or the Dad who likes to pretend his is classy, try some bacon resin cufflinks. They are supposed to be little slices of bacon (I’m not sure how real the bacon is) inside some resin. But that’s real silver-plating on the mountings! Sure, he might laugh, but he’ll probably secretly think they are the most awesome present ever, and that you are his favourite child.



Hey, and if you are really pressed for ideas, and you don’t know what to get, why not just get your dad some actual bacon? It’s probably the present he’ll most enjoy and that he’ll get the most use out of. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.