The summer is dwindling down to its last days like the water draining out of a tub. But we can still grasp onto that summer feeling and never let it go – my go-to advice is to fry up some bacon and go running naked in some sun-kissed fields.

Barring that (and the inevitable public decency infractions that would go along with it), you could just eat some bacon and read this week’s Friday Link Love. What? You don’t believe me that reading this post will bring back the summer feeling? I dare you to read it and find out! (The full saucy details of everything from bacon Obama to bacon avocados to bacon statues follows after the break.)


Bacon Cheese Muffins

Some people think the best part of waking up is getting some coffee. But of course, they are flat wrong. The best part of waking up is jamming bacon into your craw, and chewing that stuff to pieces. I like these bacon cheese muffins because while eating bacon for breakfast every day might seem a little indulgent, eating bacon cheese muffins every day doesn’t. It just seems like a regular, every day normal thing to do. One day, we’ll all wake up to the fact that muffins are just little cakes, but until then, I’ll be gorging myself on these.


Obama’s Love of Bacon

While leaders of foreign countries – you know, ones that aren’t the Republic of Bacon – don’t get much notice on our site, we have to give President Obama a round of applause. Obama’s currently on a tour of the US, meeting with the people to find out what they really want and need. But away from Michelle Obama’s watchful eye, he’s also using this tour as an excuse to eat what he really wants to eat. And that includes things like ordering a delicious breakfast topped up with several slices of bacon. Best president evah?


Garlic Rubbed Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomatoes

Out of the many foods out there that are pretty close to perfect comfort foods – a hearty soup or stew, spaghetti and meatballs, apple pie – grilled cheeses are close to ruling that particular roost. Thanks to Tracey’s Culinary Adventures, and a grilled cheese bursting with bacon, it’s now possible to secure that crown on grilled cheese’s, uh, head with a delicious gooey pile of bacon.


Woman Steals Bacon to Pay for Booze

Add this one to the already over-full bacon thief file: a woman in England has been charged with stealing bacon to fund her alcoholism. What’s really notable about this thief is that her habit was kind of epic – she drank 28 pints of beer a day. But as always, I must say: people! I know it’s delicious, but bacon is cheap and plentiful, and stealing bacon remains a crime. Just buy it! Sheesh.


Sonoma State Bacon Statue

I’m not sure why a University would build a statue to bacon – I mean, aside from the obvious reasons – but I can’t really figure out what else this could be a statue for. And if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably not a duck, but a statue commemorating bacon, the world’s greatest food.


Queso Bacon Burgers with Avocado Salsa

Have I told you how much I love avocados? Yeah, I love avocados. One of the main reasons I love avocados is that they are one of the 943 things that go perfectly with bacon. So why not turn them into a drippy sauce that you can pour over some bacon burgers? If you can’t hear, this is the sound I’m making right now.