If your summer was anything like mine, it was filled with excursions to fairs and carnivals, sporting events and parades. Whether I was watching an entertainer, cheering on my favourite team, or browsing a market, all of these events have one thing is common: food. Delicious, indulgent food, the kind of food that can take up your whole day’s worth of calories in a few bites. And where there is fair food, there is sure to be bacon.

In this edition of Bacon Love Friday, I thought it would be fun to look back on a few of the most delectable bacon-based fair foods to grace various outdoor events this summer.

The Funnel Bacakonator

Had I not seen this one for myself, I might not have believed it. This incredibly savoury-sweet confection in the brainchild of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This incredible snack for Nascar fans was unveiled just before the Bank of America 500 Spring Cup race. It is composed of a funnel cake topped with bacon, strawberries, and chocolate sauce. That not quite enough pork and craziness for you? The menu also includes a burger topped with man & cheese and pork rinds. Sent in a defibrillator!

Chocolate Covered Bacon

The Canadian National Exhibition’s food selection had everyone talking this year. Offerings included deep fried macaroni and cheese, and cheese burgers that had the bun replaced by sugared doughnuts. Perhaps the most intriguing (and a little frightening) food creation was the Chocolate Covered Bacon. Simply three strips of crispy bacon drizzled in dark chocolate sauce, this dish actually got rave reviews for its decadence and contrasting textures. Sounds weirdly delicious, right?

Bacon On A Stick

Perhaps the most simple and ingenious of all the bacon-based carnival foods is the Bacon On A Stick, available at the Calgary Stampede. Four to six pieces of double-smoked thick cut bacon are loaded onto a bamboo skewer and then grilled. The edges become crispy while the centre remains buttery-smooth and soft. What’s better than wandering around, enjoying entertainment and sunshine, gnawing on some bacon?

Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Hotdogs

Busch Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, has been upping it’s culinary game over the last couple of years. One of the newest additions to the menu is the bacon-wrapped BBQ hotdogs that have season ticket holders raving. The only thing that could possibly have improved watching a game in the sun with a hot dog? Having that hotdog slathered in BBQ sauce and wrapped in bacon.