Here at the Republic of Bacon, we believe that there is nothing that cannot be improved with the addition of bacon. Whether the dish is sweet or savoury, light or indulgent, adding bacon to the mix is always the correct answer. We’re also used to some pretty unusual bacon combinations. Bacon and desserts, for example? Why, we just did a feature on bacon cupcakes! When it comes to their food of choice, true bacon aficionados think they have heard of just about every possible bacon dish imaginable.

One combination, though, that has always struck me as incredibly novel an surprising is baconsushi. This is a topic we have visited before, even providing a tempura shrimp roll with bacon recipe. There is something that
seems antithetical about sushi and bacon – one so healthy and pure, the other so bacony and indulgent. So, we thought we would explore the world of bacon sushi a little more fully, and give you an idea of how these two perfect foods are a match made is heaven.

Bacon As The Roll

This is an excellent way to integrate bacon into a sushi roll. Instead of using a slightly salty, fresh and pliable piece of dried seaweed to for the roll, Pickles and Paisleys suggests using strips of bacon. They have made breakfast sushi rolls in this recipe, but there is no reason that this seaweed substitution could not be employed in other, more traditional sushi rolls.

Bacon Inside the Roll

Bacon also works beautifully inside traditional sushi rolls, as in this glorious deep fried avocado and bacon roll. In this form, the salty-sweet nugget of bacon takes the place of the shrimp or raw fish in a typical roll, melding beautifully with the smoothness and crunch of the avocado and the sticky rice.

Bacon Hand Roll

Another amazing use for bacon in sushi is in a sushi hand roll. This larger, freeform sushi allows you to use larger pieces of bacon because of its bigger format and more rugged appearance (as opposed to the tiny, neat sushi rolls). The Love Grub Cafe serves a bacon and egg sushi hand roll that sounds like something worth traveling for!

Bacon Overload

Firm believers in the fact that you can never have too much bacon in your life, we’re always pleased when chefs take that statement as a challenge. Owners of the sushi restaurant Hiro, located in University City, Missouri, have created a sushi bacon dish that packs as much bacony goodness into a single roll as they could muster. The Crunchy Pig Roll contains bacon, pork belly, and shredded pork! I can’t imagine anything finer (or bacony-er).