I mentioned a little while ago that I’m a huge Gordon Ramsay fan. This is another tribute to his cooking techniques. I recently watched a video on how he prepared scrambled eggs, and it was absolutely beautiful. I shed a few tears, I’m not going to lie. What did I decide to do? Add bacon, of course. Bacon in eggs with a side of bacon. Can it get any better? After I finished this breakfast, I wept like a little baby – sheer joy!

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2 strips Maple leaf bacon (plus more for the side)

3 Eggs

½ tbsp Butter

½ tbsp Mascarpone Cheese

1 tbps Shredded gouda

Salt and Pepper


1. Let’s grab our bacon and cut it up into small pieces. Fry it all up in a small sauce pan until it’s crispy.

2. Let the pan cool down to room temperature with the bacon and bacon fat inside the pot.

3. Add in a half tablespoon of butter and your three eggs. Whole! Don’t scramble them yet! Don’t season them yet either! Ramsay tells me that if you season them now, they will be watery later.

4. Over medium high heat, start stirring your eggs together with a rubber spatula. Keep stirring. Don’t stop. You have to treat this like risotto. Keep stirring. Once you see the eggs are beginning to come together, take it off the heat but keep stirring. Put it back on the heat to continue the cooking processes.

5. Continue this on and off stirring method until the eggs have come together and are pretty much firmed up.

6. To stop the cooking process, add in your mascarpone and gouda. Mix everything together until its super fluffy.

7. Plate it with a side of bacon, some buttered toast, tomato slices and more bacon, if you’re so inclined. These will be the creamiest, fluffiest scrambled eggs you’ll ever have.