As the popularity of bacon as a food and as a cultural phenomenon continues to grow, it should come as no surprise that all over the bacon-eating world, this exceptional food product is being celebrated with a heretofore-unseen gusto. Bacon-themed events, conferences and parties are springing up all over the place, all dedicated to praising the virtues of the most delicious ingredient in the world. Food themed celebrations are nothing new; from chocolate to chili peppers to garlic, exceptional foods have often been lauded in the form of food-specific events. But with bacon enjoying a time of peak interest, bacon festivals are springing up at a truly incredible rate.


The latest in the series of bacon bashes in the inaugural Baconfest. This brand-new event will take place on Wednesday, November 20th, and is hosted by the University of Winnipeg. A boon for local bacon lovers, the event will feature prizes, music – and, of course, delicious meals, all revolving around bacon. A number of local restaurants will be featured all the event, all having prepared exceptional and bacon-rich meals specifically for the event. All of the proceeds from the $75 tickets will be donated to to United Way of Winnipeg, meaning that not only will bacon be filling bellies and adding to the good times at Baconfest itself, but also this noble food stuff will actually be doing some larger good for the world. That’s something that we at the Republic of Bacon wholeheartedly support!

Baconfest Canada

The Winnipeg Baconfest not the first Canadian event dedicated to celebrating the wonders of bacon. On September 24th, 2011, the city of Calgary in Alberta celebrated their first annual Baconfest Canada as well. The culinary masterpieces were accompanied by jazz music, so gourmands could be serenaded as they ate. The event was a smashing success: over twice as many people as were expected turned up, which meant that many delighted vendors sold out of their products far sooner than the ravenous crowd would have liked. After this year’s experience, the organizers of Baconfest Canada have decided to make the celebration an annual event. With a hugely scaled-up party planned for next year, they promise that everyone will leave more than satisfied in 2012.

Great Canadian Bacon Festival

Before either of these delicious events exploded onto the scene, the very first Great Canadian Bacon Festival debuted this year on Canada Day (July 1st). The event took place is the small town of Arva, Ontario, just outside of London, and featured a whole host of delicacies offered up by local artisans and food experts. The proceeds from the event went to restore the historic Arva flour mill, the picturesque building where the event was also held. By all reports the event was as quaint as it was delicious, and started the trend of bacon-related festivals being celebrated in Canada.

We at the Republic of Bacon applaud all of the dedicated organizers and festival attendees who made these bacon parties the grand successes that we were. We sincerely hope that the noble tradition of bacon festivals takes off in Canada, and that all of these inaugural events are just the beginning!