You know what the world needs more of? Bacon cocktails.

We here at the Republic of Bacon firmly believe that there is nothing on this planet than cannot be baconified. From a classic steak to a stylish bacon tuxedo, everything awesome in the world can be improved with the addition of bacon. No matter for seemingly perfect or self-encapsulated something might seem, introducing bacon to the mix is a surefire way to make it event better. Consider, if you will, the cupcake, a lovely little nugget of sweet delight all on its own. Make that a bacon cupcake, and suddenly something that is wonderful but ordinary becomes positively magical.


Some things, like desserts, have become quite trendy things to add bacon to. Others, however, haves not gotten a well-deserved enhancement via bacon. One such item that has been sadly lacking in the bacon department is the cocktail. We feel that the world of mixed drinks is teetering on the verge of a vast well of untapped bacon potential.


Luckily, a few intrepid pioneers have already started experimenting. And, with a little luck, the bacon cocktail will be the wave of the future.


In the most recent version of the Betty Crocker Cookbook (that would be the 11th edition, published in 2011) has a smashing recipe for bacon martinis. With brandy, vodka, apple cider, maple syrup, and candied bacon, this drink sounds like our idea of heaven. Taking the time to candy your own bacon makes it even more special, and the combination of flavours is a perfect holiday treat. Can you imagine having a tray of these prepared for this year’s Christmas party?

New York You Rock

The Martini is not the only beverage that is getting the bacon treatment. At PDT in New York’s East Village, they’re serving a bacon-infused old-fashioned. First, high-quality bourbon is infused with bacon fat, via a process that sounds like alchemical magic to us. Next, this delightful concoction is combined with maple syrup and bitters over ice. There is something rugged and yet sophisticated about this drink that makes us think of James Bond wearing chaps (or maybe that’s just me).

Vodka Time!

Of course, we can always count on out good friends and fellow carnivores at the Bakon Vodka company to come up with a new and splendid bacon drink for the holidays. At this time of year, it’s the Bakon Flip that’s caught out eye, which they advertise as being “better than eggnog for the holidays!” A combination of the bacon-flavoured vodka, maple syrup, Irish cream, and a whole egg, this better-than-nog is served with a grating of fresh nutmeg and is sure to bring holiday cheer to your table.


While bacon is a treat that can be enjoyed by gourmets of all ages, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy it is a slightly more adult version and appreciate a more sophisticated way to enjoy a stiff and refreshing bacon cocktail.