Have you ever had one of those days in the kitchen when nothing really wants to cooperate? I’m sure you’ve all had them and, yes, Chef Rob has those days, too. The past 24hrs was a testament to that. I was intending on making a gorgeous grilled flatbread topped with wonderful baconized ingredients for you guys, but my dough simply didn’t want to behave… TWICE! I started by buying some pizza dough at my local grocery store, because I wasn’t in the mood nor did I have the time to make my own. When I went to work it and make it into a nice round ball so that I could flatten it out, it all began to disintegrate. It was over-worked and over-processed. The only thing it was good for was the garbage. I cut my losses and began to make a fresh batch of my own dough so that I could finish the recipe in the morning.

Now, I’ve made dough a whole whack of times, but this batch came together quite differently. It took a lot longer than usual and didn’t have the same texture that I’m used to. Either way, I let it rise, and checked on it in the morning. Morning came, and the stuff wouldn’t stretch. There was very little gluten production during the extended kneading time! Again, this batch was good for the garbage. Needless to say, I was a tad frustrated.

So, here I present to you one of the toppings I was going to put on our grilled flatbread. A herbaceous mushroom trio. Stay tuned, because, by a fire-y red place below ground or high water, there will be flatbread come Thursday!


6 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

8 leaves Sage

½ sprig Rosemary

4 sprigs Thyme

½ Onion, diced

2 clove Garlic

3-4 cups Chopped mixed mushrooms.

Salt and Pepper


1. Grab your mushrooms and chop them up into large chunks and remove any woody stems. Here I used a trio of Shitake, Oyster and Chantrelle mushrooms. This is my favourite combination, but you could use anything you have on hand.

2. Let’s also dice up our onion, garlic and wonderful herbs. It’s finally nice enough outside for me to have a personal herb garden. A veritable wealth of flavours in my back yard is so nice to have!

3. Grab your strips of bacon, chop them up and fry until crispy. I cooked a little extra bacon, and reserved half aside. You’ll see why on Thursday, when I make a couple different flatbreads.

4. Add all your chopped onion, garlic and herbs to the remaining bacon and its rendered fat and fry until everything is very fragrant. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

5. Grab all your chopped mushrooms and into the pan they go. Continue to fry until they’ve released the majority of their water and are soft throughout. Sautéing mushrooms before you put them on any type of flatbread or pizza will keep the dough from being soggy post-cooking. Plus, it imparts some extraordinary flavours.

6. Reserve those aside and let them cool. Don’t eat it all before it goes on the flatbread. These mushrooms are also a wonderful accompaniment to steaks, tenderloins, chicken or almost any other protein you could imagine. Toss these ‘shrooms with some pasta or rice and there’s a meal in itself, too. Keep this recipe in your back pocket. You can turn it up anywhere!