In many ways, my family didn’t ascribe to the usual, rigid gender roles that define a lot of people’s identities. My mom was unquestionably the breadwinner of the family, and my favourite toy for years was a bright red fire truck. But in one way, my family was extremely traditional: my mom did all of the cooking. This was certainly not a “women’s work in the kitchen” scenario whatsoever, but rather a product of the fact that my dad could not cook to save his life. I remember once, my mom having the flu and my dad trying to make eggs for us for breakfast; he gave up and took us out instead. He was always one of those people who couldn’t boil water, while my mom could whip up gourmet meals with what seemed like minimal effort.

But just because my dad couldn’t cook an egg without setting the kitchen on fire doesn’t mean most dad’s can’t cook; quite to contrary. More and more men are picking up the spatula, tying on an apron and concocting delicious meals for themselves, their friends and their families. Whether they’re working over an open flame to grill up a robust barbecue feast or working delicately to perfect a souffle, there are some awesome dad-chefs out there in the world. And like a lot of great home cooks, if there’s one thing dads love to cook with, its bacon.

In honour of all the dads who love to be in the kitchen, here are some excellent dad-oriented recipes featuring bacon for you all to try!

Pressure Cooker Cannellini Beans

Not only is this meal delicious, with lots of deal flavour from a healthy dose of bacon, it is also very reasonable – less that $5 a plate! It’s also a very balanced meal, with lots of nutrients from the swiss chard, fibre from the pasta, protein from the beans and deliciousness from the bacon. The lemon adds such a nice brightness to it as well!

Bacon-wrapped Green Chilies

A non-deep-fried version of the beloved jalapeno poppers, these delicious bites are crunchy on the outside from the crispy bacon, smooth and creamy on the inside because of the cheese, and come with a great kick from the chilies. We bet these would taste great grilled as well!

Bacon Omelette a/k/a The Fridge Special

This dish is actually closer to a fritatta than a traditional omelette, but that quibble with terminology does nothing to change the fact that it is totally delicious. Bacon, cheese and egg form he base of the dish, and then you can add whatever veggies and fresh herbs you happen to have on hand. The results are sure to be delicious!