As you may know, desserts are one of our favourite meals, and they are even better with the addition of bacon. Last year we created a list of the top 25 Bacon Dessert Recipes and this year we decided to follow through and create a list of the top 2012 bacon dessert recipes.

This list is in no specific ranking and order, and of course there are a recipe or two from our very own Chef Rob, since he makes some of the beset dessert recipes in the world!

The list below encompasses 5 Bacon Desserts that we have come across the Internet that deserve to be shared:

Baconized Tiramisu

This is one of Chef Rob’s very own creations. This tiramisu is one of the best desserts you can make; the bacon adds great texture, and it is just a great addition to this classic dish!

Buttermilk Waffle Bacon Cupcakes

The addition of candied bacon into these cupcakes make it into one of the most delicious desserts you can make. You also add in a Maple Buttercream and Caramel to play further on the sweet and saltiness of the candied bacon.

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn

This particular treat is both a great dessert and a great snack choice. It is a little more complicated than throwing some popcorn in a microwave to make, but in the end it is worth the effort you put into making it.

Blueberry Bacon Cake

I am sure not many people think that bacon and blueberries are a great marriage, but you know what, in this dessert it works quite well. The crunch of the bacon in every bite is what makes this dessert one of the best you can find!

Maple Bacon Donut Shot

Maple Bacon Donuts have been a popular dessert for year (in fact Chef Rob has made his very own recipe right here). You might be asking yourself how is this a dessert, but it is due to the fact that we are taking the flavours of a great dessert and making it into an even better cocktail!