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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Roasts

I have an inner housewife. As much as the vast majority of my personality could belong to a 12-year-old boy who loves video games and sleeping in, a good chunk of my mind seems to occupied by a middle-aged woman from the old country. This part of me loves to get up early on the weekend and spend the whole day cleaning the house in a headscarf while singing show tunes. When this happens, my partner usually thinks I am possessed. However, one of the better side effects of having an inner housewife is that every now and again she is inspired to make a Sunday roast – which we all appreciate when we start scavenging for Tuesday leftovers!

And because this is me we are talking about, whenever I decide that I’m in the mood to make an epic roast dinner of some kind, I look for someway to incorporate bacon into the proceedings. Here are some of the best ways to jazz up your Sunday roast with everyone’s favourite pork product.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Shortage!

This week, bacon lovers around the world were shocked by one of the most frightening pieces of bacon news to hit the airwaves in a long, long time: we are approaching a global crisis, and international bacon shortage that will affect people the world over. It might not be quite the bacon-pocalypse that many have long feared, but it is it’s own for of porkageddon, and worldwide crisis the likes of which bacon lovers have never had to face before.

The Details

This crucial news comes out of Britain, whose National Pig Organization (which oversees pork farming) has announced that a combination of factors has conspired to make a world-wide bacon shortage unavoidable. Each year, fewer and fewer hog farmers have been operating in the Unites States, as the cost and difficulty of the work causes more and more farmers to close up shop. And now, it seems that pork feed prices in Britain and all across the European Union are set to skyrocket. As a result, many farmers are choosing to sell their herds rather than continue to operate in a situation where production will cost more than it is worth. This has caused the value of pigs to drop as well, so that those who choose to remain in operation will be losing even more money. The whole thing has conspired to create both a shortage of pork looming on the horizon, and to make what little bacon does make it to market very, very expensive.

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Bacon Love Friday: Cooking with Bacon and Booze

While I’m not exactly a gourmet chef, I’m pretty proud of my ordinary culinary creations. I find cooking a very enjoyable activity, probably because I associate it with an even more positive activity soon to come: eating. Being able to make my own bacon dishes definitely makes me a happier person, and means I always have the perfect offering to use as a reward to bribe when I need a friend to drive me to the airport of help me move. Two of the things that I love cooking with the most these days is bacon, and alcohol.

Booze is an incredibly versatile ingredient. The alcohol burns off in the cooking process, leaving behind a depth of flavour and a real richness, especially in dishes that need time to simmer or braise. Similarly, bacon adds so much to a complex dish and can elevate a really simple one. So, in honour of these two great ingredients, this Bacon Love Friday will serve as a tribute to dishes that contain both bacon and booze.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon-Stuffed

Some of the most delicious and most popular recipes we have ever featured on the Republic of Bacon have been those that feature foods wrapped in bacon. It is no small wonder that bacon-wrapped recipes tend to garner so much attention: they are also some of the tastiest creations out there. Wrapping food in bacon keeps meat moist and tender, ads a delicious salty crunch to the outside of food, and makes for a stunning presentation. From scallops to asparagus to filet mignon, bacon-wrapped dishes are sure to be delicious.

But what about the opposite side of the recipe coin? What about all the delicious foods that are stuffed with bacon instead of wrapped in it? We decided it was high time for these luscious, bacon-filled recipes to get more attention on this site, and so for Bacon Love Friday, here are some of the best bacon-stuffed recipes we could find.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon and Eggs

In a lot of ways I am an old-school bacon lover. As much as I get excited over a new bacon novelty, like a bacon brownie or a bacon cocktail, when it comes to the dishes that I return to over and over again it’s always the old classics. My favourite bacon salad is still unquestionably the classic Caesar salad; there is nothing more delicious in the realm of the bacon sandwich than a classic BLT; bacon cheeseburgers are the best thing on the planet; and there is no more perfect breakfast in all the land than the classic bacon and eggs.

When I was a tiny child, really just a toddler, the very first thing I learned to order for myself was a bacon and egg breakfast. By the time I knew only a few hundred words, I could tell a server I wanted eggs over easy, crispy bacon, brown toast and hash browns. While there are lots of great brunch dishes to choose from, and I often dally with french toast or waffles, in the end I always come back to my favourite bacon and eggs breakfast.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon News Roundup

It’s been a crazy week in the world of bacon. Sometimes, things just hum along with a few interesting bits of bacon trivia popping up into the Republic of Bacon radar but nothing too serious. There will be a fancy new bacon burger at a local restaurant and perhaps some stylish new bacon socks to try on, but nothing too crazy. Then, there are weeks like this week, where everything just seems to go bonkers. Weeks that make bacon-lovers like me rub their hands together in glee, because bacon is making headlines and that is always a good thing.

So, for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, here are some of the best bacon news stories from around the world this week!

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Fan Clubs

If you are a reader of The Republic of Bacon, it is safe to say that you are a bacon fan. Not only are you merely fond of the perfect food that is bacon, but you are interested enough in the subject to regularly read up on it and seek updates on the state of bacon in the world. That takes dedication, devotion, and love. As such, it is perfectly fair to say that our readers are hardcore bacon fans. Bacon lovers. True bacon aficionados.

Of course, the Republic of Bacon is not the only place on the internet where bacon fans can gather to share and discuss there affection for this much-loved pork product. There are a whole host of places online where dedicated fans can share recipes, have conversations, answer quizzes – all about bacon. So for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, we thought we would take a look inside some of the internet’s bacon fan clubs.

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Bacon Love Friday: My Bacon Anniversary

Every now and again, I think it’s important to put the “love” back into Bacon Love Fridays. While these posts are ostensibly to celebrate our affection for all things bacon, sometimes it’s also important to give a nod to the romantic love in our lives too. It just so happens that my second anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and my sweetie and I have been making some plans to celebrate. We’re not looking to do anything too extravagant, no foreign trips or extremely expensive meals, just some low-key celebrations to commemorate the fact that 24-months in we’re still googly-eyed over each other and barely think about killing each other in our sleep at all.

Because bacon is one of our great shared loves, and one of the things that draws us together, some of our plans revolve around this most delicious of foods. My partner maintains that one of the reasons he’s so crazy about me is for my cooking, and as you can image that means a lot of our meals contain bacon. Out mutual love for this food is a strong point in the relationship, and to celebrating us means celebrating bacon too.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Fest Comes to Toronto

Ah, the bacon festival. Few events celebrate the diversity, creative and passion of bacon with quite as much pomp and panache as an official bacon festival. Each fest varies, depending on its size and the city that it takes place in. Some bacon festivals include bacon-oriented drama events or concerts; others involve contests for the best bacon dishes or wildest and most creative bacon products. But all bacon festivals, no matter how large or small, have one incredibly important thing in common: the food. There is no better opportunity to taste a wide variety of wonderful bacon dishes than at a bacon festival.

While there is a long and storied tradition of bacon festivals South of the border, at long last this grand tradition is beginning to take root in Canadian soil. That’s right Canuck bacon lovers: Toronto is getting it’s very own bacon festival. The Leslieville Farmer’s Market, which runs from June 3rd to October 28th this year, has decided to play host to the city’s inaugural celebration of all things bacon. The event is slated to take pace on August 19th. Prepare your taste buds and your tummies, it is sure to be an excellent ay of culinary adventure. Continue reading this article…

Bacon Love Friday: Peanut Butter, Jelly and Bacon

This may sound a little unorthodox, but: I love peanut butter, jelly and bacon sandwiches. Don’t judge me. I blame my dad, really. He was a master at making my brother and I the strangest sandwiches. Peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles was one of his specialties, as was white bread with simple butter and sugar (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it). But unquestionably my favourite of the crazy sandwiches he’d whip up for us kids when my mom was away on business was the peanut butter bacon and jelly sandwich. The crisp saltiness of the bacon played against the sweet jelly and thick, sticky peanut butter perfectly.

I always thought I was the only person on the planet (other than my immediate family) who enjoyed a nice PB, J & B now and again, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, I’ve learned my tastes aren’t that weird after all. It turns out that peanut butter and bacon are a match made in heaven, and places these ingredients together in a sandwich is only one great way to combine them.

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