Bacon Love Fridays: That’s Nerdlicious

It’s a day earlier than usual, but I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite recent finds in the bacon-themed Internet. If you are looking for some delicious and, occasionally, deliciously disturbing, photos of bacon-themed foods, head on over to That’s Nerdlicious.

That’s Nerdlicious is run by three committed baconophiles: brothers Sean and Jonathan Fallon, as well as the mysterious “Geek Girl Diva.” Sean also edits several nerdy sites, but Nerdlicious is the one that is dedicated to feeding the hungry nerd. As such, it doesn’t always feature bacon (they also like beer and candy – stuff I can definitely get behind), but there’s plenty of bacon to know and love and just sort of stare and marvel at. They’ve uncovered some beauts of bacon gastronomy – I’m totally jealous.

The WTF Burger

Image Provided by Thats Nerdalicious

One of their recent finds is the WTF Burger. The aptly named WTF burger features eight pounds of meat, including 15 strips of bacon. In fact, it appears to be wearing a regular-sized burger (or maybe a slider) as a little garnish. It’s from the Californian restaurant The Catch, and if you think this is too big for you, they do offer a slightly smaller version called the OMG Burger (only four pounds of meat!). Lucky for you guys I’m typing, because staring at the picture, my mouth is pretty much just hanging open. Partially out of shock, but also partially because I want to cram my face into its mounds of greasy goodness.

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Turns out Robots Say We Taste like Bacon

The Internet, as we know, is largely bacon (as it should be!). But the parts of the Internet that are not yet bacon (it’s coming!) are the parts that are filled with geeks geeking out over technology [Disclaimer: Our Editor is one such geek who loves technology]. Sometimes, these worlds overlap in a spectacular confluence of geeky baconosity. Since I love both bacon and technology (and you loved the bacon alarm clock), I thought I’d dish up some of the best, and the geekiest, bacon-meets-technology stories out there. Oh and the Robot piece is at the end. I always save the best for last.

Bacon USB Drives and Computer Skins

Image Provided by USB Brando

There are some awesome customized USB drives out there, but can any surpass the power of technology and bacon combined into one powerful stick like this? It’s made by a Chinese manufacturer, which means that you get advertising copy as fluent as this – “What do you want to eat? Some fruits or some crackers? Order your favorite food here. We have some fruits, hamburger, pizza chicken wings and other barbecue food here.” I’m a little frightened by the chicken wing USB drives (it looks sticky!), but having the bacon one sticking out of my laptop would be pretty cool. And giving your friend a stick of bacon when they need some memory? LARF.

If only having your USB drives look like bacon is not enough for you, you can also get bacon skins for your iphones., as per usual, is the proprietor of choice for this delicious accessory. It does look about as realistic as the USB drive. And once that’s all bacon-ed up, you can slip this bacon pouch over your iPad. After all, what goes with bacon? MORE BACON.

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Leftover Turkey? Make Turkey and Bacon Sandwiches!

Now that many of us are recovering from a big holiday feast, we are probably discovering that there is a lot of leftover turkey lying around. And since you probably have some bacon – I mean, you should always have bacon! – the best thing to do is to combine these divine ingredients into something amazing. The easiest way to do that is to make some bacon and turkey sandwiches. Mmmmm. Here’s a few that I’ve discovered.

Grilled Turkey, Bacon, Radicchio and Blue Cheese Sandwich

Photo by Brian Leatart

This baby gets me salivating just on the first step – mashing blue cheese and mayo in a bowl. After adding pepper, you put this mixture on some bread slices and top with bacon, turkey and the radicchio leaves. For the final touch, you pop it in a skillet for a few minutes like you would any regular grilled cheese. I can just smell that stinky cheese melting on the beautifully fragrant bacon. Oh my Lord. I think I’m in love.

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Celebrities are Bacon Obsessed – Some Even Get to Name a Bacon Sandwhich

Bacon is popular with a lot of people. But you know something isn’t really important until celebrities love it, too. And celebrities love bacon! I’ve waded through a pack of celebrity gossip to find six of our favourite bacon-loving celebrities.

Image by samborowski

As we reported a few months ago, Katy Perry has said she wants her next album to be about meat and sausages. She also said that on the cover, she’d wear a “bacon bikini.” I have a feeling that she might have been making fun of the sartorial choices of a particular pop star, but even so, I’m willing to hold her to her word. I’m keeping an eye out, Ms Perry, for that bacon bikini, and I will be very upset if I don’t see it.

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Bacon Madness This Holiday Season

Hopefully, after all the stress and craziness of the last few days, you are finally getting a chance to relax with some loved ones. So curl up in front of the fireplace, pour yourself some bacon eggnog, and as your cares fly away, gently peruse our round-up of some of the most holiday-tastic things the bacon universe has to offer.

1. Bacon wearing a Santa hat

Image Provided by Royal Bacon Society

The bacon featured in this photo is Mr Shaky Bacon, a plush toy for the young’uns. He was featured wearing a Santa hat on a set of cards that was available a few years ago, but they are, unfortunately, no longer available. But this does make me realize how much better bacon looks with a Santa hat. If at all possible, please put some Santa hats on all of the bacon you serve today. Or better yet, wear some bacon scarves while you wear your Santa hat. The important thing is to maintain the bacon-Santa hat connection. Trust me: I can almost feel the bacony Holiday joy.

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Last Minute Bacon Holiday Gift Ideas – Ships within 24 hours

We’ve been giving some specific bacon-themed holiday gift ideas for the last few weeks. Today, I thought I’d give a last few. Think of it as a wrap-up for any stockings you need to fill, and for any less checks you need to mark off on your list.

1. Bacon Candle

Image Provided by HotWicks

When most people get scented candles for aromatherapy, they often use things I’ve never heard of, like hyssop and thuja. Who knows what those things smell like? They could smell awful! Personally, if I want to relax, I’m going to need a scent I know and trust. And the most familiar and trustworthy scent I know, of course, is bacon.

A bacon-scented candle would also go well with those bacon bath salts we discussed a few days ago. Or you could light the candle while you are cooking bacon. I mean, what’s better than the smell of bacon? AN EXCESSIVELY STRONG SMELL OF BACON.

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Is Bacon Your #Secretturnon?

Recently, there’s been a phrase trending on Twitter – the hashtag “#secretturnon.” For those not on Twitter or unfamiliar with it, a hashtag is a searchable phrase that people add to their tweets. When it is added, people can easily see all of the other people on Twitter who’ve used this phrase. So, with this “#secretturnon” phrase, people are telling other tweeps (Twitter people) what their secret turn-ons are. When I came across it, I suspected that a few people would say that bacon was their turn-on, and, of course, I was right. Here’s a selection of the best bacon turn-on tweets I found.

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Enjoying the Holidays without Bacon Cocktails? You Are Crazy

We provided some bacon-inspired cocktails a few weeks ago. But now that it’s Holiday time, I think it’s a good idea to update the list for the season. Bacon may seem like a strange idea for a Holiday drink, but after you’ve had a few of these drinks, you’ll wonder why you can’t drink Holiday bacon drinks every day of the year. (Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.) My inspiration came from not only bacon but who I’d enjoy talking to over all the bacon recipes on the table. Aaron Tucker from Bacon Nation came to mind. I’d also enjoy seeing the people behind It’s All About the Bacon, I hope they’d bring some Bacon Prawns. Obviously Mr Bacon PantsBacon Kight (we heard your ‘issue’ with us, we cried a bit- sorry)… I know I am missing a couple people. Who else am I missing?

Below are our top five bacon Holiday cocktails.

1. Bacon Eggnog

Image Provided by Kenn Wilson

What better treat to have this holiday than some eggnog, bacon styles? For this recipe, you cook the bacon with the milk and cream. When the mixture has been cooled, you can remove the bacon pieces (and eat them!), add alcohol and the egg yolks and stir them altogether. If you don’t think you can drink this one think of it this way: it is essentially a holiday breakfast mixed with some booze! How can it not taste good?

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Awesome Bacon Gifts for Guys

Yesterday we offered some ideas for the best bacon presents for the ladies out there in this holiday season. Today, we are going to offer some bacon-buying suggestions for the boys. In some ways, this is too hard: most bacon-loving guys will like almost anything we could suggest! We could spend days listing everything. So, in the interests of time, I’ve tried to narrow it down to the pure essentials.

1. Hail Bacon Apron

Image Provided by econographics

Bacon-loving guys like pretty much anything that is bacon-related. But definitely at the top of their list is a pretty obvious choice: eating bacon. We think that the best bacon gift pack should start off with a fetching bacon apron. Once again, it’s Etsy to the rescue. This bacon apron is effective at protecting you from any potential bacon splatter when a dude is frying up a few slices, as well as at expressing one’s inner bacon awesomeness.

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The Ultimate Bacon Gifts for Your Girlfriend or Wife

With one week to go before the Holidays, you are probably struggling to think of a special gift for the loved women in your life. They can be tough to buy for, and they can be very reluctant to give you clues if they think that presents are a good way to prove your affection. But if your female partner/girlfriend/best friend is anything like you, and is anything like an awesome person (which she should be!), she is probably pretty fond of bacon. So why not give her the gift of bacon this year? After all, there ain’t anything much more awesome than bacon. To give you some ideas, here’s our list of five good bacon gifts for the lovely bacon-loving lady in your life.

1. Bacon Bath Salts

Image Provided by eHow

After a hard day, most ladies appreciate a relaxing soak in the bathtub. And many of them use all sorts of kooky additions to the bath water to make it more appealing. So why not add some bacon? I’m not an expert on these sorts of things, but I imagine that there has to be some skin benefit to soaking in bacon-infused water. I’m positive of it.

You can find a recipe for bacon bath salts here. Basically, the recipe involves putting Epsom salts in a mixture of bacon grease and liquid smoke. The resulting mixture will give off a deliciously meaty scent when you plunge into your bath. What would be a better way to relax, than to luxuriate in the odour of bacon? I can certainly imagine that the men in a bacon-soaked lady’s life will appreciate it!

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